Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle


Committing to a healthy lifestyle, has truly been a blessing, especially when your constantly seeing the results, and blessing others through your experience. Because of this transition. I’m able to bless my children, family, and friends. Here’s A list of 5 Health Tips That will help you maintain your Health and Wellness 1.) Create your plate based on healthy choices: Start out with something as simple as fruits and vegetables, which are loaded with vitamins. You can also incorporate protein and grains. Suggestion start out with small portions than work your way up. 2.) Exercise: Take some time out of your day and dedicate at least half hour of your time exercising 15 min on treadmill, 15 min on bike, 15 min squats, 15 min leg stretch. Even if you can’t go to a gym, walk on your lunch break, which is good for cardio and weight loss.

3.) Keep yourself hydrated: Drink water first thing in the morning at least 8 oz every 4 hours. Avoid sodas, caffeinated beverages as well as energy drinks. Water is a great source of detox 4.) Get proper Sleep: go to bed early, try to get at least 8 hours sleep, put yourself on a schedule, stick to it daily. Your body require rest. You can not be any good to anyone else if your not getting proper rest. 5.) Self Care: Do something each week that make you happy. Treat yourself to a Spa, get a mani or pedi, go on a vacation. Taking time out for yourself is important, and keep you from aging. I pray you will apply these health tips to your lifestyle